September 2019 Product Release Webinar

featuring the Engagio product team

Thursday, September 26 at 10am PT

We are excited to announce key new features as part of this September release. If there is a theme to this release it's all about "Configurability." We're making the Engagio platform even more configurable to how you do business and what's important to you. In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Configurable Account Journey: Define and track a custom Account Journey within Engagio!

    • Journey Analytics: Easily track the total volume of accounts that are progressing through your custom funnel, understand the velocity of the key stage changes, and measure conversion rates from one stage to the next.

    • Journey Builder: Build custom stages using cross-object relationships leveraging data from accounts, people, opportunities, and activities.

  • Segments: While other systems can look at Account, Opportunity, or Activity information to pull a list of People our Segments can be configured to return groups of Accounts, Opportunities or Activities as well as People.

    • Configured in Engagio: Customizable groupings that leverage selectors instead of assistance from an SFDC Admin.

    • Activity Fields: Segments provide a more flexible way of categorizing activities in Engagio.

  • Dash 3.0: The latest version of Dash has improved performance, new functionality and new reports and dashboards.

    • New Attribution Dashboards: Revenue Attribution Dashboard, MQA Impact Dashboard and Campaign ROI Analysis using the Minutes Based Attribution model.

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The Clear and Complete Guide

Account Based Marketing

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You've heard the hype: Account Based Marketing is rapidly becoming the next big thing in B2B Marketing.

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  • What are the best practices used by top companies?
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The Clear and Complete Guide

Account Based Marketing

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The State of ABM

Driving the Highest ROI of Any B2B Strategy

Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio and previously Cofounder of Marketo, will give you an exclusive insider look at the State of ABM. It's time to finally crack the code, get started and drive success with ABM. In this session, you'll discover how B2B marketing have evolved, and how to predict where it's going, the biggest myths holding teams back from getting started with ABM, how to get up and running with ABM in less than 30 days, and more!

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